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Proudly sponsored by Annunciation Parish at Holy Spirit Chapel, Gardner, MA
continuing for 82 strong years
Meetings are held Wednesday evenings from 7:00 to 8:30 PM in the Chapel Hall



From the Scoutmaster’s chair

Camp Collier Map ThumbnailWelcome back!

Wow, what a summer! We had a grand time at our Camp Collier summer camp, but this was just the start to 8 weeks of excitement. From the pool party at Sean’s dad’s house to our sling shots and foil packs at Rousseau’s to our drive-up movies. Even with COVID, it was an exciting summer! Let’s plan for a safe fall and winter.

Welcome to our new PLC! Leonard will be our Senior Patrol Leader and Quintin his Assistant SPL. Jameson will be stepping into the position of Patrol Leader. The PLC has had their first meeting and has many new and exciting ideas. Onward to a great Autumn. We have a lot in store, so read on!

Are we ready for the Fall Camp out?

Due to COVID, this year the council is not offering a Fall Camporee. We will follow social distancing requirements and have our own campout on October 16 to 18, 2020 at Camp Collier.
Camping: We will camp at the Adirondack area. What is an Adirondack? An Adirondack is a 3-sided shelter. The open side has a fireplace with a very large rock in front. The rock reflects heat back into the shelter. Social distancing requires only 2 people in each shelter. Our plan is that we will pitch tents for every Scout and Adult and use the Adirondack for our troop gear.
Cost: $10.00 per Scout or Adult will cover food for the weekend.
Transportation: Due to COVID, we will ask each family to transport their Scout(s).
Activities: On Saturday, we will leave camp and come into town for our first bottle and can drive from 9 am to 1 pm. All participating Scouts will receive credits as Scout Bucks in their account (See article “A Scout Earns His Way”). We will have Webelos arrive in the afternoon. They will visit and camp with us. Our Troop PLC is encouraged to be creative, welcoming and provide an exciting, dynamic Scouting program.

A Scout Earns His / Her Way!

National BSA has severely increased the membership fees for all youth and adults. A Scout is thrifty. A Scout works to pay his or her way and to help others. Paying your own way with money that you have earned gives you independence and pride. Our bottle and can drive and our family plan are both good ways to help to earn our way. Sign up today! If finances are a challenge, a parent should contact Mr. R. ASAP for information about the financial assistance program.

Boy Scout Troop 4 of Gardner announces summer camp patch sale.

Camp Collier Patch ThumbnailTroop 4 followed our state social distancing rules and enjoyed our own summer camp this past summer 2020 at Camp Collier in Gardner. In the excitement of preparing for camp, the boys designed a patch to celebrate the event. This is a limited edition and we have a small supply for sale. If you are interested in this patch, please send a check payable to Boy Scout Troop 4 for the amount of $5.00 per patch (this includes postage) to:

Boy Scout Troop 4
125 Oak St
Gardner MA 01440

Note: we have a patch reserved for all Scouts that went to camp with us. Thank you for supporting Troop 4.

Merit Badge Wrap-Up!

Got a partial? Need some help? Need a counselor? See Mr. Billings. Now is the time to finish up and receive your badge at Harvest Festival. GET IT DONE!

Troop 4 Selected!

Thank you to all of the Troop members that participated in the special, 3-part National BSA selected survey. What do we get for doing this? Earn gift cards for the Troop at the Scout Shop.

A Time to Tell

National BSA strongly recommends that every troop offer the opportunity for every Scout to watch the video “A Time to Tell”. This personal safety video is geared directly to Scouts in the 11 to 14 age group. On Wednesday October 21, parents are invited. We will view this at our Troop meeting. Ernie Bettez, a retired school counselor, will be available if Scouts or parents have questions.

Cooking Tripod

Check out Page 48 in the September Boy’s Life Magazine. This is the same experience from our Troop meeting. How many times do you wrap and frap?

Youth Protection Training

The Heart of New England council has adopted a resolution that all YPT must be completed yearly in the month of December. Troop 4 is encouraging all adults to take it on line. GET IT DONE! If adults have an interest in participating in a group session, please contact Mr. R. ASAP.

Do you need a sign?

For a month can you support the troop with a lawn sign to recruit? Please see Mr. R. and say, “I need a sign!”

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